Get modestly fashionable this winter with these new trends.

Winter means wrapping yourself up in easy comfy wear but still looking fabulous while feeling warm and safe.

What are the modest fashion trends? Plenty! Here are some of them:

1. Full Coverage Sets

One of the top fall 2018 fashion trends you can notice is the maxi lengths matching sets. Some even include a combination of pants and tunics with same material and color.

2. Oversized is still in

The oversized trend is still going strong for the cooler months. Wool capes and over sized ponchos seems to fit this category perfectly.

3. Pleated leather skirts

The famous pleated skirts that are all over Instagram these days is a trend rising since last year. You can pair it up with denim or over sized pullovers and look effortlessly fabulous.

4. Cape Sleeves

If you love capes but don’t want to have so much extra fabric added to your outfits, pick up a piece that sports cape sleeves instead. Especially for ladies wearing abayas, this is the perfect combination with a similar side slit for looking more modest. Having a cape ended with fringes actually be an interesting winter look.

5. Pretty jumpsuits

Oversized jumpsuits are not a thing in the past, basically summer. We fell in love immediately with these two gorgeous piece with all their details.

6. Very velvety

Winter and velvet go together like milk and cookies. It has been on the market as a top trend for years and we fall in love with it all over again. Velvet hoodies, or ruffled sleeves velvet tops are our recommendations in this category.

7. Lots of Leather

Leather is huge for fall 2018 and looks great in real. Whether you opt for matte or shiny designs, they give you incredible looks when combined with basically anything.

8. Tweed focus

There are so many styles, so many creations and so many ways to wear tweed this winter 2018. But the master of all is the wide leg pants perfectly goes with any wool or winter top.

9. Romantic Ruffles

Ruffled sleeves are the main focus, on both short and long styles. There is a bit of romance to be found in the ruffles trend for fall and winter 2018, and we are quite happy to see them still prominent this year as well.

10. Sequins

Winter fashion is great, but what makes them truly unique is a sequin addition to the whole getup. Such shiny creations can nicely add a sense of uniqueness and grab quite a bit of attention.

Tell us which trend is your favorite this winter?